Paul Robert's Aladin
Breed: Maine Coon 
Color: Red Classic tabby with White
Sex: Male
Born: 04-08-2015
Reg.# SBT 040815 053
Bred by: Roberto & Paola Ugoletti 
Owned by: Danielle & Jean Lacroix 
Parents Grand-Parents Great-Grand-Parents Great-Great-Grand-Parents
Vens Passion Sho-Gun of Paul Robert,  red mackerel tabby with White, 06-23-2011 CH. Vens Passion Aerosmith, red taby w/w, 05-01-2010 CH. Vens Passion Rising Sun, red tby w/w  04-24-2008 CH. Langstteich's L*Playback, Brown tby w/w. 05-05-2004
Volcano Alwaro, Red-Silver 07-10-2000
Langsstteich's H*Goudoleezza, Black Tortie, 06-30-2008 Langstteich's P*Wild Blue Hurricane
Langstteich's K*Excuse Me
Vens Passion Indira, silver Torbie w/w 08-04-2009 CH Just Coons Nevermind of Big Five, Red-Silver w/w, 10-07-2007 Cosy Corner Inaki
Kalakirya Silvi-Cola
Vens Passion Olympia, Blue Mac tby, 08-08-2008 CH Vens Passion Orpheus, Blue Tby, 05-08-2006
Dotcom Indian Princess, Tortoiseshell, SBT 121604-033
Lilletun's Nala of Paul Robert, re cl tby, 04-10-2012 IC Lilletun's Jaguar, MCO D 09 22, red tby 12-18-2010 NO/NO Xanos of Koi Pond, M MCO d 09 22, 07-08-2008, DE/NO GEC I Number One of Koi Pond, MCO n 22, DE/
Zaira of Koi Pond, MCO f 09 DE/
Lilletun Enigma, F MCO, f 22, 12-10-2009 NO/NO Lilletun Top Gun, MCO d 09 22, 11-07-2008 NO/NO
Lilletun Tutti Frutti, MCO  f 09 22, 12-02-2007 NO/NO
Juscoons Wendy Darling, MCO f 22, 07-11-2010 DE/NO Elphinstone Irish Cooler, MCO e 22, 05-17-2009 de/ Otingo van Tschens, MCO  n 22, 03-15-2008
Elphinstone Extasy, MCO d 03 22, 03-24-2008
Justcoons Disneyland, MCO ns 22, 11-03-2007 DE/ Aloa's Nifty Wolf, MCO as, 12-14-2005, DK/DE
Lansstteich's DD*Doris Day, MCO f 03-13-2005, DE/DE