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Grand Pianist and Composer Alain Lefèvre with "Fafouine", latter on TV show "Le Banquier"


We are located in Lacolle, an hour's drive from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, just a few minutes from the New York / Vermont States border.  We no longer ship.  Our cattery is registered with MAPAQ. We are the oldest breeders in Canada and amongst the oldest in North America and Europe.  We give a 2 years garranty on heart disease. 

Comedian Peter Macleod with Bill, his Lacocoon kitten.

We have breeding Maine Coons since 1990.   Our cats are registered with, The International Cat Association ( TICA ) and shown in many world wide associations.  

Lacocoon Bill II 

Pictured here with owner,  CBC Radio and TV Personality, Marie-France Bazzo

We specialize in Brown, Red and Silver tabbies, with or without white. We have also introduced a lot of solid genes into our breeding program and are producing some exciting solids. 

Lacocoon Billy Shears

Lacocoon George

Lacocoon bred Maine Coons have been shown in many domestic and international cat associations. . Internationally, our cats have been shown and have done well in TICA, CFA, CCA, CFF and the Federation International Feline (FIFe) and other European associations. 

GC Lacocoon Gracie of M-Pawz


GC Lacocoon Arthur Le Chat

Lacocoon cats are sold by reservation. We provide a health and genetic guarantee in a written agreement.  For some of our International friends, we can provide Micro-chipping and in home quarantine for those countries who require this.  We do not do early spay/neuter to our kittens, on recommendations from our vet and recognized authorities, as early spay / neuter has been known to interfere with the growth of the kittens.  We very rarely sell breeding quality cats, and when we do, it is only to breeders that we know and trust. 

Lacocoon Saku

GC Lacocoon Scoosa of M-Pawz


 CH Lacocoon Korina, with Biljana Gagic-Jevdovich of TabTabcoon, in Bosnia-Herzegovina. 

Lacocoon Fantasy of Battle Creek, with Ingrid Kaczmarek

Lacocoon Fantasy of Battle Creek, 07.11.2015 Best in Show,  Best of Breed, Best Maine Coon Cat 

Lacocoon Yuri

We invite you to come and visit us and our furry friends in their own clean, bright and happy environment. A simple phone call to make sure we are home will do, we will be happy to show you around and talk to you about this wonderful breed.

In the meanwhile take a look at photos in these pages. Many of them are from people who have some of our kittens and who send us photographs of their pets. We hope you enjoy them. We will be changing the photographs approximately once a month. Please feel free to e-mail or call us at any time. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Lacocoon Cattery and it's cat were featured in a Quebec Animal Magazines and in several television appearances.